Fantasia Farm

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31st May 2019
Gucci Belle has her babies!!!!!

Gucci delivered 5 beautiful babies on 31/5/19

One beautiful little boy didn't make it and we have 4 healthy boys. 

Chocolate boy

Black boy

Cream boy

White boy 

Gucci Bella 29/5/19

Gucci maternity shoot 

30th March 2019
Serenity Keuring 

2e Premium Star

Serenity Sable Maiko 373 x Anton 343 

in foal to Ypeus fan'e Vesta Hoeve Hinne 427 x 

29th July 2018
Serenity Dressage Competition 


24th June 2018
Serenity Dressage Competition 

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9/10 July 2017
Gucci Belle has her babies!!!

Gucci Belle delivered 6 beautiful babies on 9/10 July 2017.
One beautiful little boy was born sleeping and we have 5 healthy babies.
Tri boy - Thors Kingdom 
Cream girl -  Hanna Belle 
Honey girl -  Kahlua Karamel 
Chocolate boy -  Calvins Kingdom
Black girl -  Princess Rosita


Chihuahua Club of S.A Parade